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Rotation direction of UV roller coater

2021-10-08 02:57:20

Rotation direction of UV roller coater

The roller coater whose rotation direction is the same as the moving direction of the coated coil (or plate) is called the same direction roller coater.


The same direction roller coater is suitable for low viscosity coatings, generally used for thin film coatings, and the film thickness is 10 ~ 20 μ m。 Generally, the coating speed shall not exceed 100M / min. if it exceeds 100M / min, the reverse roller coating machine shall be used. Compared with the reverse roller coater, the wear of the coating roller (rubber roller) is small.

(1) The same direction roller coater for UV roller coater is used for coil material. The reclaiming roller and coating roller, coating roller and support roller of this roller coater rotate in the same direction. Actual speed adjustment ratio: Reclaiming roller / coating roller = 1.5 ~ 1.0, coating roller / support roller = 0.3 ~ 1.0. Adjust the film thickness by adjusting the gap between the coating viscosity and the rotating roller.

(2) The UV roller coating machine is a co directional roller coating machine used for supplying materials and plates at the top. This roller coating machine supplies paint from the top. The rotation directions of the reclaiming roller and the adjusting roller, the adjusting roller and the coating roller, the coating roller and the support roller are the same, and the peripheral speeds of the four rotating rollers are the same. The film thickness is adjusted by adjusting the gap between the reclaiming roller and the adjusting roller.

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