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Substrate surface of pet flat pasting machine with glue

2022-02-08 08:56:09

Substrate surface of pet flat pasting machine with glue

pasting machine with glue Almost all kinds of substrates are supported.

It is also suitable for substrates with concave convex and curved surfaces.

It is suitable for paste ink, with high freedom of coating material composition design and selection.

pasting machine with glue

With the progress of technology, it supports high-precision patterns (for example, the line width is about 15 ~ 30) μ M, etc.).

It can form thick film and support wiring printing with high aspect ratio.

The printing (coating) methods of high-precision patterns include screen printing that requires plate making (screen mask) and ink spraying that can directly generate patterns through data without plate making. They need to be used separately according to factors such as substrate, ink properties, production batch, production time of single product and so on.

Multiple printing of printed circuit board manufacturing.

Conductive paste coating: the wiring pattern is formed by printing.

Green oil coating: mask protection outside the connecting part.

pasting machine with glue   Character printing: printing part marks, etc.

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