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Development trend of roller coater equipment

2021-12-29 04:38:32

Development trend of roller coater equipment

The application of roller coater is that with the increase of substrate area, the equipment is larger, and "process switching" becomes more difficult. In recent years, devices that further simplify the change steps of coating conditions by improving the roller to the unit box replacement type have also begun to appear gradually.


While the equipment is high-end and complex, the market demand for state measurement, state monitoring and recording of various coating surfaces, equipment and substrate (workpiece) by using laser displacement meter, camera and sensor is also expanding.

In the FA (factory automation) coating process represented by the automobile industry, "coating manipulator" is an increasingly common coating means with a higher level of automation and efficiency.

A. Electric coating (rust resistance) B. intermediate coating (anti chipping) C. primer (coloring) d. varnish (durability, decoration)

One of the representative applications of roller coating manipulator is the coating of automobile outer plate. The purpose of the coating process is not limited to creative design. Generally, the outer plate coating is composed of "electric coating" endowed with rust resistance, "intermediate coating" to avoid steel plate exposure (erosion) caused by flying stone impact, etc., and "primer" for the purpose of coloring, and "varnish" for the purpose of surface protection, weather resistance and other durability.

Development trend of roller coater equipment Generally speaking, "electro coating" mostly adopts dip coating (impregnation), and most of the other coating processes are suitable for "electrostatic coating" using the "rotary atomization" of the coating manipulator.

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