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Examples of other methods of roller coater

2021-12-27 05:26:18

Examples of other methods of roller coater

In addition to the above methods, there are many methods suitable for different coating purposes, substrate and coating liquid properties. A variety of coating methods are formed by matching coating rollers of different shapes, various reverse rollers and offset rollers, multiple rollers and methods. A small part of them is introduced below.


The film thickness can be maintained by scraper and support roller, and smooth coating and mounting can be carried out at high speed. Care should be taken to avoid stripes (linear defects).

By supplying coating liquid from the liquid chamber, the release of solvent odor and viscosity change can be reduced, and the replacement of scraper is more convenient. Used for direct engraving wheel, reverse engraving wheel, etc.

After coating, apply the mounting surface evenly through the straight rod. It is suitable for micro high-speed coating and mounting of bottom and top coatings.

Suitable for water-based coating and mounting liquid. After coating, apply the mounting surface evenly by air (air pressure). The utility model has the advantages that it is not easy to be affected by the thickness of the substrate and the concave convex surface.

In addition to the above methods, for various conditions, in order to carry out high-precision / high-speed smooth coating and pattern mounting, various coating methods and combinations are also used. The following will list the application of some coatings and the development trend of coating equipment.

Examples of other methods of roller coater

With the thin and high-performance of smart phones and tablets, the small and high-density of components, the expansion of the demand for rechargeable batteries and solar cells, the high-performance of automobiles, building materials and fibers, and the increasing demand for mass production using thin-film coating technology.

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