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Working mode of roller coater coating

2021-12-31 11:27:49

Working mode of roller coater coating

The working mode of the coating gun of the roller coater is not only the "rotary atomization mode", but also the "electrostatic atomization mode" of coating particles through static electricity. It is widely used for the coating of industrial products produced in batch, such as automobile and motorcycle bodies, on-board metal parts, railway vehicles, electrical products, steel office equipment, residential related parts, etc.


It is a very important subject to evenly paint the parts of automobile body and parts with complex shape and narrow space, and to retain talents with technology and experience. In the mass production of factories at home and abroad, the pursuit is stable coating quality and automatic mass production. With the development of coating manipulator technology, the scope of application is expanding.

Multi axis and multi purpose

Painting manipulator and multi axis 6-axis vertical multi joint manipulator are gradually becoming the mainstream centered on body and component painting. Due to the high degree of freedom of action, it is not only suitable for the external coating of automobile body, but also used for the internal coating of automobile body, the coating of automobile body bottom, the coating of bumper and various components, and the scope of application is expanding.

The complex coating parts that originally required manual coating with manual spraying gun will also be included in the application field of automatic coating with the high development of manipulator.

Automatic tool (coating gun) replacement system

The roller coater relies on a coating manipulator, and the model of automatic replacement of tools (coating gun) is also emerging. In the same stage position, a variety of different coatings can be carried out without cleaning the spray gun, resulting in higher production efficiency. 

At  Working mode of roller coater coating the same time, it also saves the cost of diluent originally used to clean the spray gun.

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