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Shower room pulley bearing principle

2022-01-06 15:31:51
Shower room pulley bearing principle

Side roller coaterPerformance features of side roller coater

Multi angle printing and polishing of plastic steel profiles, door frames, door pocket lines, corner lines, wood round rods and wood plastic lines.

Front coating and side coating are effectively combined to complete the workpiece - secondary coating and printing.

Three variable frequency motors are controlled at the same time, and the speed is adjustable from 5 to 30 m / min.

Flower wheel and PU wheel are specially made.

The paint can be recycled to effectively save resources.

"Side roller coater" is an important equipment in the coating equipment series. It has the advantages of low paint loss, high production efficiency and simple and convenient maintenance. It can be well connected with the assembly line to form a production line with a high degree of automation. It is especially suitable for the coating of NC paint and UV paint, and the use effect is the best. It is also suitable for the coating of PU paint and PE paint, but the requirements for cots are higher, the cleaning machine is more troublesome, and the operation is not very convenient.


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