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Coating and mounting technology of spray coating machine

2021-12-25 10:45:06

Coating and mounting technology of spray coating machine

"Die coating" is a coating and mounting technology of spray coating machine using plastic film extrusion technology. By passing the coating and mounting liquid through the "mold", a uniform liquid film is generated, and then the liquid film contacts the substrate for coating and mounting. In this way, the coating liquid sealed in the container is supplied to the "mold" through pressure, so the coating liquid will not be affected by air and can achieve stable coating.

The "slit mold type coating machine", as a representative mold type coating machine, adopts a mold designed to make the coating liquid evenly distributed in the transverse direction, and smoothes the coating film by generating a fault between the top of the mold called "mold lip" and the support roll.


In recent years, with the high development of "multi-layer slit die" and other devices for multi-layer coating and mounting at the same time, efficient coating and mounting has become possible.

"Lip coating machine" is a coating machine that can easily realize quality management with the help of numerically controllable coating head. The coating liquid is supplied to the "lip nozzle" and transported from the "bottom die groove" under the lip nozzle to the "top die groove" at the top of the lip nozzle to contact the moving substrate. The top of the die lip is R-shaped and coated by a fault with the substrate.

"Carving wheel coater" and "reverse coater", which determine the amount of coating liquid at the moment of coating, can be classified as "pre metering coating".

In contrast, the method of coating excess coating liquid first and then scraping off the excess coating liquid according to the target amount belongs to "post metering coating". "Scraper coater" and "scraper roller coater" can set the mechanical scraping amount and film thickness by setting the shape and clearance of the roller.

The device is composed of scraper roll, support roll and liquid tank. The coating liquid located in the liquid tank is transferred to the substrate mesh roll from the gap between the rotating support roll and the fixed scraper roll. Set the coating film thickness through the gap between the support roll and the scraper roll.

Coating and mounting technology of spray coating machine The spray coating machine shall pay attention to the assembly swing accuracy of the support roll, the blade accuracy of the scraper roll and the adjustment accuracy of the roller gap, so as to avoid the turbulence when passing through the substrate joint affecting the stability of coating and the resulting liquid leakage.

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