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Principle of roller coater bearing coating

2021-12-30 11:07:49

Principle of roller coater bearing coating

Spray cup

Greasy gas scraped by roller coater

Bearing gas

Feed pipe (coating)

Turbine gas


Air motor

The principle of rotary atomization is to expand the coating pattern while micronizing the coating, which is suitable for electrostatic coating of coating manipulator.

Let the air motor rotate at high speed and create an air film between the shaft and the bearing by relying on the gas for turbine rotation. Use air (bearing gas) to make the mechanism rotate at high speed (the mechanism is non-contact). The coating will form fog particles under the action of this rotation, and move towards the coated object (workpiece) under the action of greasy gas pressure.

Principle of coating

High voltage generator

Spray gun (rotary atomization mode)

Coated object (workpiece)

Coating particles

Roller coater grounding

The grounding coating (workpiece) ends are used as positive electrodes, the coating spray device ends are used as negative electrodes, and the DC high voltage (70 K to 100 KV) is applied to make the coating particles carry negative electrodes, and fly along the power line to coat the positive coating (workpiece).

This  Principle of roller coater bearing coating method of roller coater has many advantages, such as greatly reducing coating loss, coating man hours, reducing public hazards, improving working environment and so on.

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