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Application parameters of UV roller coater

2021-12-23 10:50:20

Application parameters of UV roller coater

UV roller coater equipment usage: dry and polish after roller coater coating, transparent varnish and color painting patterns on the plate surface; Roller coater can cure veneer decorative board, various plane plates, cabinets, glass and handicrafts. After curing, bright and hard crystal plates and color drawing plates are formed. It makes the plate more bright, hard and wear-resistant.

Roller coater parameters:


The roller coating machine is specially designed for painting on the surface of flat plates such as floor, shutter, furniture and table panel. The paint film treated by this machine has smooth surface, good fullness and no stacking of paint before and after.

The conveyor belt and oil pump are separately regulated by frequency converter, and the knife edge adjustment is pneumatic precision adjustment, so that the paint film thickness can be more accurately controlled.

Overall dimension (including oil tank): 2200 * 1900 * 1300mm oil tank capacity: ± 50kg.

Working height ± 1000mm, working width 1300mm.

The material of the conveyor belt is resistant to various solvents and corrosion, is not easy to slip, and will not peel after long-term use. The transmission mode is variable frequency transmission.

The heating mode of the oil tank is electric heating. Water or heat transfer oil can be added to the inner wall of the heating oil tank, and the heating power is 3KW.

The inside of the oil tank is divided into two parts, with a total of six layers of filter screen installed.

The pump in the oil tank is a pneumatic diaphragm pump with power of 1.5KW.

Transmission power: 1.5 kW.

Working voltage: 380V50Hz.

The Application parameters of UV roller coater whole UV roller coater is made of high-quality cold plate. The appearance is electrostatic plastic sprayed, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and physical impact resistant.

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