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Roll coater functional film

2021-12-28 04:37:02

Roll coater functional film

Functional films of optical products of roller coater (organic EL, TFT liquid crystal, touch screen, etc.).

Light control (LR) film, anti reflection (AR) film, anti glare / Ag film, polarizing film, TAC film, light diffusion film, hard coating (screen protection) film, transparent conductive (ITO) film, refractive index matching film, transparent optical adhesive (OCA) film, flexible printed circuit board (FPC), prism sheet, etc.


Rechargeable battery, solar cell field.

Electrode plate for rechargeable battery, separation film for rechargeable battery, film for reflector, shading film, photoresist film, decorative film, window film, heat dissipation sheet, back plate film for solar cell, thin cell laminate, etc

Electronic components, semiconductor field.

Flexible printed circuit board (FPC), photoresist film, polyimide (PI) film, laminated ceramic capacitor, etc.

Other functional films and sheets (automotive, residential, fiber, medical, etc.).

Roll coater functional film Roller coater leather cushion, carbon fiber, air bag, thermal insulation sheet, wallpaper, buffer floor material (CF), prepreg, non-woven fabric, felt, cushion, carpet, waterproof and moisture permeable sheet, adhesive tape, transdermal absorbent film, barrier packaging film, etc.

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