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Refinement of coating and mounting system of UV roller coater

2021-12-24 10:26:25

Refinement of coating and mounting system of UV roller coater

This is a way to combine multiple rollers to obtain an ideal coating surface in order to coat a planar coating (substrate). The coating and mounting system of UV roller coating machine is suitable for coating liquid and coating film thickness of various viscosities through the combination and refinement of various technologies. In this way, the roller coater can be used in various industrial fields such as electronic components, optical / liquid crystal products, food, medicine and so on.


Generally, it is only used for coating and mounting of relatively thin planes such as films and sheets, and continuous high-speed coating and mounting can also be carried out for wider and longer substrates (coated materials). It is mainly used for "wet coating". After coating, in order to prevent foreign matters from adhering to the coating surface before curing, a dust-free room will also be used for protection.

The working mode of roller coating machine can be classified according to the state of coating liquid before coating and mounting, the measurement and determination of coating and mounting amount before or after coating and mounting. There are not a few painting and mounting methods combined in various ways. Here we only list the representative painting and mounting methods of various categories for explanation.

Immerse the engraving roller into the liquid tank. Through engraving, a concave convex shape is formed on the surface of the engraving wheel roller. Scrape off the coating liquid attached to the carving wheel roller with a scraper, and coat the web roll of the coated material (substrate) with the liquid accumulated in the recess. When changing the coating film thickness, it is necessary to change the engraving wheel roller with different engraving shapes. In addition, the offset engraving wheel coater can obtain a smooth and uniform coating surface at high speed.

It is usually composed of coating roller, support roller (back wheel rubber) and metering roller. By rotating the support roll and the coating roll in the same direction, the coating liquid is transferred to the substrate web roll. Since the film thickness depends on the gap between the coating roll and the metering roll and the speed of the roll, attention must be paid to the rotational vibration caused by poor roll assembly and the accuracy of roll gap.

This is a coating method that does not expose the coating solution to the atmosphere before formal coating. Therefore, according to the properties of the coating solution, it is more convenient to maintain the film quality. "Slit die coater", "lip coater" and other devices adopt this method.

The utility model is characterized by a coating roller with a scraper, which is also called a circular plate type or a comma roller type because of the shape of the scraper. In the coating and mounting method, the coating and mounting liquid will accumulate between the coating roller and the substrate, and the ideal film thickness is obtained by scraping the excess coating liquid from the plate-shaped part.

Refinement of coating and mounting system of UV roller coater  It is generally considered to be suitable for high viscosity coating liquid and thick film formation, but UV roller coater is also suitable for all kinds of film thickness with the diversification of devices.

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