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Thickness of coated plate

2022-01-21 03:24:52

Coating machine Thickness of coated plate

Examples of common roller coater (engraving roller)

Coating machine  In order to transfer the sample plate, plate making is required. In order to ensure uniform coating, uniformity and thickness need to be monitored.

Spray coating without plate making. Drawings can be generated from CAD data. Substrate size has little effect on quality.

The main advantages of ink spraying also include the following.

Coating machine

High uniformity of film thickness

High precision coating of functional film on narrow edges

High precision hit, color separation and coating

It can draw the wiring of special-shaped coating, micro wiring, micro chip, etc

It is a general term for the printing method of "screen mesh" plate (screen mask) woven with polyester and other synthetic fibers or stainless steel and various metal fibers. 

Coating machine   It belongs to a kind of "hole printing" in which the ink passes through the precision mesh of the screen mask to print (coat) the coated object (substrate) with the help of the pressure generated by the scraper.

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