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Plane device of UV roller coater

2021-09-30 02:35:04

Plane device of UV roller coater

UV roller coater. That is, a device that uses more than one group of rotary rollers to apply a certain amount of paint to planar materials.


The coating thickness can be adjusted by changing the pressure between the two rollers. Typical roll coaters include roll coater, press roll coater (gravure roll coater), forward and reverse roll coater, etc.

In addition, the coater with small diameter coating roller instead of coating scraper is also called roller coater.

UV roller coater is mainly composed of coating mechanism and steering support mechanism. Roller coater for simultaneous coating of front and back of metal coil.

Coating mechanism

The coating mechanism, also known as the coating head, is composed of a reclaiming roller, a coating roller and a coating disc. This form of composition is usually called two roller type. The function of the reclaiming roller is to dip the paint from the paint pan and transfer the paint to the coating roller, which applies the paint to the surface of the coil. Each rotating roller is attached with an adjusting device, which can adjust the gap and pressure between the rotating rollers in order to obtain the required coating amount.

When the UV roller coater stops and the coil joint passes through, the coating roller on the front can be automatically out of contact with the coil through the automatic adjustment device to protect the coating roller from damage.

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