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What does it mean that the paper feeding speed and positioning time of the pet flatbed pasting machine are equal?

2022-06-16 10:32:44

What does it mean that the paper feeding speed and positioning time of the pet flatbed pasting machine are equal?

It is suitable for covering acrylic, fireproof board, PVC board, metal plate and other decorative sheets or PVC film, PET film, pasting machine wooden skin and other decorative coiled materials on the surface of density board, patterned board, PVC foam board, glass magnesium board, wood plastic board, multilayer board, bee shaped board, etc

pasting machine

Widely used in furniture, cabinets, doors, new building materials and other fields.

Factors affecting the printing quality of PUR flat pasting machine:

@If the working cycle and positioning time are equal, the intermittent paper feeding speed is high. If the paper feeding speed is high, the impact when the paper touches the front gauge is large, which is easy to make the positioning inaccurate and affect the printing quality.

② If the working cycle and paper feeding speed are equal, the positioning time of intermittent paper feeding is shorter than that of continuous paper feeding. The positioning is unstable and the printing quality is affected.

③ If the paper feeding speed and positioning time are equal, the working cycle of the intermittent paper feeding is longer than that of the continuous paper feeding, which means that the productivity of the intermittent paper feeder is low

Therefore, the continuous paper feeding is easy to ensure the printing quality and can adapt to high-speed printing. At present, almost all sheet fed lithographic printing machines use continuous paper feeding, while the courtyard box machine is only used for platform printing machines pasting machine with low production capacity,

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