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Flat pasting machine composite recovery stack

2022-06-11 14:18:53

Flat pasting machine  composite recovery stack

A. Hot press mixing; B. Flat pasting machine  Rubber pressure mixing; C. Pressure adjustment.

Print input

Recovery accumulation

Flat pasting machine


Pre coating is a process of rewinding the plastic film on the adhesive film cloth in advance, and then compounding it with paper prints. The precoating film is made by the precoating film processing plant according to the different specifications and formats. The glue solution is coated and rewound for the user to choose, and then compounded with the printed paper.

The pre coating process is mainly composed of pre gluing - winding - gluing coating (hanging type) - curing and cooling → rewinding → cutting - rewinding → packaging of finished products. Pre coating machine: temperature regulation and winding → paper feeding → heating → compounding → slitting → automatic stacking → finished products.

There are three types of pre coating on the flat pasting machine: hot film,Flat pasting machine    pressure-sensitive film and special film. Bookbinding mainly uses two kinds of hot films: BOPP and pet (another is n nylon).

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