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Can the laminating machine only be used for paper?

2022-06-01 02:11:12

Can the laminating machine only be used for paper?

Laminating machine can be divided into two categories: instant Flat pasting machine coating and coating. It is a special equipment for paper, plate and film, which is combined by rubber roller and heating roller to form a paper plastic integrated product. It is used to complete the coating process. Generally speaking, it can be divided into coating and pre coating according to the process used, and it can be divided into bright film and matte film according to the different thin film materials.

Flat pasting machine

Problems and solutions in the laminating process of the laminating machine:

Wrinkle film:

1. if the temperature is too high, properly reduce the temperature and pressure, and adjust the temperature required by various membranes

2. The film feeding rod is not balanced. Adjust the balance of the film feeding rod

3. if the film is stacked for too long, replace the film

4. if the film tension is too large or too small, adjust the film tightness III: there are snowflakes on the product

(1) If the printed matter is sprayed with too much powder, remove the powder on the printed matter before laminating. (2) The pressure of the pressure wheel is not appropriate. The solution is to correctly adjust the pressure of the pressure mixture (3) the Flat pasting machine  temperature is too low and adjusted to an appropriate temperature. 4: bubbles appear.

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