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2.5m belt conveyor

2022-01-06 15:33:22
2.5m belt conveyor

2.5m belt conveyor Performance features

It is suitable for panel furniture, plane door, cabinet side plate, solid wood composite floor, handicrafts, bamboo and wood curtains, etc

Workpiece conveying during assembly line operation of surface workpiece.

Variable frequency speed regulation, suitable for the conveying speed requirements of various production lines.

Technical parameters

Machine model: 620#1 1320#

Effective processing width: 620mm-1320mm

Effective processing thickness: 2-80mm

Minimum machining length: 300mm

Conveying speed: 1-20m / min

2.5m belt conveyor  Transmission power: 0.75kw

Overall dimension of 2.5m belt conveyor: (length * width * height) 3000 * 800 * 850mm / 3000 * 1500 * 850mm


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