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Curtain shower

2022-01-06 15:33:39
Curtain shower

  Curtain shower Performance features

The machine is suitable for wood, plastic, metal, glass, glass magnesium plate and other new materials; High gloss mirror coating for furniture, floor, cabinet, bathroom cabinet, internal and external wall panels, decorative panels, etc.

The thinnest paint film can be adjusted to 006mm

The shower head is of Japanese structure and reasonably controlled by precision screw rod, which is convenient and fast for cleaning and can be moved as a whole.

The paint supply system is supplied by a special defoaming pump with defoaming function. At the same time, a special defoaming device is installed in the circulating system to ensure that the paint spraying surface is uniform and free of defects.

Transparent and solid Pu can be sprayed UV primer and finish.

Technical parameters

Product No.: prt-l1106 / prt-1113 / prt-l2113.

Effective processing width: 620mm - 1320mm.

Effective processing thickness: 2-80mm.

Minimum machining length: 500mm.

Conveying speed: 0-80m / min.

Transmission power: 1.5kw.

Oil pump power: 2.2kW.

Heating power: 12KW.

Overall dimension of curtain shower machine (L xwxh): 3000x 800 / 5000x * 1500.

Advantages of curtain shower:

1. High coating efficiency and low labor intensity can form a continuous production line.

2. The coating has high utilization rate, and only a small part of the solvent volatilizes in the coating circulation system during the coating process.

3. Simple operation, good operability, isolation and sealing operation can be implemented, and labor protection is good.

4. The film has good appearance and uniform film thickness.

5.   Curtain shower   Double shower head can be used for coating of two-component coating.


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