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Six lamp UV dryer

Six lamp UV dryer

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Six lamp UV dryer Performance features

This machine is suitable for instant drying after plane coating.

The integrated light box is aimed at the drying of the front and four sides of the plate paint and varnish coating.

Use spotlight cover UV to improve UV lamp utilization.

The lamp tube can be equipped with imported quartz heat insulation sheet device, which can effectively block the infrared radiation from the workpiece surface and reduce the workpiece surface temperature.

The lamp box adopts the forced cooling mode of the draught, and the high-power exhaust air is arranged to prolong the service life of the lamp tube effectively.

Technical parameters.

Machine model: 620# / 1320#.

Transmission power: 0.75KW.

Effective processing width: 620mm - 1320mm.

Lamp power (Hg GA): 11kw / 16.8kw.

Effective processing thickness: 2-80mm.

Fan power: 1.5kw * 4.

Minimum machining length: 300mm.

Overall dimension: (L * w * h) 2500 * 1000 * 1850mm / 2500 * 1700 * 1850mm.

Conveying speed of six lamp UV dryer: 0-18m / min.

Six lamp UV dryer  Six lamp UV dryer

UV dryer is designed for drying the surface of light sensitive polymeric UV paint plate, which is used together with paint spraying line and roller coating line.

The UV lamp is installed in an independent module, equipped with parabolic mirror, and the mirror angle is adjustable to achieve a better irradiation angle.

According to the characteristics and effect requirements of plate painting, the number and intensity of UV lamps can be adjusted. A UV lamp can be installed at the bottom to help dry the corners that cannot be illuminated due to tilt and convex shielding.


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