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Full precision double roll coater (one pair and one reverse)

2022-01-06 15:35:57
Full precision double roll coater (one pair and one reverse)

Full precision double roll coater (one pair and one reverse)  Performance features

This machine is suitable for the primer and finish coating of furniture, cabinets and decorative boards with good substrate flatness, such as density board, wood veneer and other materials.

The machine can be used flexibly for single roll, double forward roll and forward and reverse roll according to the needs of different processes.

The primer treated by this machine makes the coating more plump, flat and easy to sanding.

The finish paint treated by this machine is flat and smooth, the paint film is full, without rolling mark and color difference.

It adopts casting design and quick disassembly rubber wheel seat, which is convenient and fast to replace the roller.

It adopts man-machine interface, precision automatic lifting, heating device and other fully automatic configuration.

It can be equipped with independent electric box, thickness setting device, automatic anti-collision protection, electro-optic wheel heating device and other functions.

This machine can apply Pu, NC, UV, water-based paint, etc. the paint can be recycled without waste.

Technical parameters.

Product No.: prt-r2306 / prt-2313.

Effective processing width: 620mm / 1320mm.

Effective processing thickness: 2-80mm.

Minimum machining length: 300mm.

Conveying speed: 0-20M / min.

Transmission power: 1.5kw.

Coating wheel power: 1.5kw.

Power of electro-optic wheel: 0.75KW.

Heating power: 3kw.

Full precision double roll coater (one pair and one reverse) Overall dimension of full precision double roll coater (one pair and one reverse) (LxWxH): 1800 x 1700 / 1800 x 2400.


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