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Uniformity of excimer skin sensor

2022-05-06 03:15:53

Uniformity of excimer skin sensor

There are dust and impurities on the surface of excimer skin sensor the film. It shall be removed in time.

The adhesive coating is uneven and the amount is small. The coating amount and uniformity should be improved.

excimer skin sensor

The adhesive concentration is too high, the viscosity is high, and the coating is uneven. Reduce the adhesive concentration with diluent.

Film wrinkling

1. The film transfer roller is unbalanced. The transfer rod should be adjusted.

2. Inconsistent tightness or wavy edges at both ends of the film. Replace the qualified film.

3. The adhesive layer is too thick and the solvent evaporation is not complete, which affects the viscosity. When squeezed by the pressure roller, there is sliding between the paper and the film. The gluing amount shall be adjusted to increase the temperature of the drying channel.

4. The two ends of the electric heating roller and the rubber roller are unbalanced, the excimer skin sensor  pressure is inconsistent, and the linear speed is unequal. Both rollers shall be adjusted.

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