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Frame structure of roller coater

2021-09-29 10:59:57

Frame structure of roller coater

The roller coater is close to the evenly distributed steel wheel in parallel and rotates inward at a uniform speed. A V-shaped space is generated in the middle, where the paint flows evenly.


By adjusting the tightness between the uniform rubber roller and the uniform steel roller, the paint thickness and uniformity adhered to the uniform rubber roller can be controlled.

The plate is pushed forward by the conveyor belt at a uniform speed and in proper contact with the rubber roller, and the paint on the rubber roller is evenly transferred to the plate surface.



The frame carries all parts of the machine. Like the automobile chassis, it is the foundation of the whole equipment.


The workbench is the feeding system of the equipment and should run smoothly.

Lifting seat

The lifting seat is an adjustment system for the thickness of the workpiece, which requires light and accurate adjustment.

The roller coater is the painting system of the equipment, on which the uniform rubber roller and uniform steel wheel are installed.

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