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Common problems and prevention of spraying machine

2021-07-26 09:20:03

1、 Q: what is the reason for the discontinuous coating spraying?

A: mainly check and eliminate from the following points: 1. The paint in the pump is insufficient; 2. The viscosity of the paint is too high; 3. Air enters the paint channel; 4. The air hole on the gun cover is blocked; 5. The needle valve sealing gasket is damaged. It is recommended to add paint in time and adjust it to the appropriate viscosity; Ensure that the air hole is unblocked, but prevent the entry of air in the paint channel; Replace the sealing gasket regularly.

2、 Q: what's wrong with the uneven spraying sector?

A: the common reasons are as follows: 1. The paint in the pump is insufficient; 2. The corner hole of the air cap is blocked; 3. There is dirt on one side of the paint nozzle. It is recommended to add paint, remove the blockage and clean the nozzle of the spray gun.

3、 Q: what if the spraying fan is thick in the middle and thin at both ends?

A: the reasons for this phenomenon are 1. The coating nozzle is too large. 2. The air pressure is too low and the coating pressure is too high. 3. The viscosity of the coating is too high. It is recommended to replace the appropriate nozzle; Adjust the air pressure and coating pressure to an appropriate range, which can be adjusted under the guidance of experienced technicians; Control the viscosity of paint. If it is thin in the middle and thick at both ends, the air pressure is too high and the paint output of the coating is too low.

4、 Q: how to solve the problem of poor coating atomization?

A: the possible reasons are: 1. The quality of the spray gun is poor; 2. The viscosity of the coating is too high; 3. The paint output is too large. It is suggested to adjust the appropriate coating viscosity and control the paint output. If it is really not possible, choose to replace the spray gun of the spraying machine to solve the atomization problem.

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