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What is the prospect of coating equipment? Focus on the UV bottom! Focus on water-based surface!

2021-07-26 09:16:53

With the development of the times, consumers pay more and more attention to the environmental protection and health of household products, which makes many enterprises have to pay attention to water-based coatings. However, the whole waterborne coating industry is still in the exploratory stage, such as uneven color, paint cracking, strong odor and many other problems have plagued the majority of enterprises. What is the prospect of coating equipment? Focus on the UV bottom! Focus on water-based surface!

The following analyzes the problems of water-based coatings one by one:

1. How to prevent and treat the expansion of Waterborne Coatings

The water-based coating will make the fibers in the wood absorb a lot of water, resulting in swelling and swelling around the wood eyes. Now water-based coatings can break through this problem. The use of anti expansion reinforcement sealing primer can effectively prevent the expansion of wood reinforcement.

2. How to prevent yellowing of paint film

Tannic acid in wood and glue will cause the paint film to turn yellow. The special anti tannin sealing primer can effectively seal the substrate and protect the surface of the paint film from yellowing. The special anti tannin sealing primer can effectively solve the yellowing problem of white paint.

3. Upgrading of spray booth

The advantages of waterborne coatings are that they are soluble in water, low VOC content and meet the emission standards of relevant regulations. The film-forming material mainly comes from aqueous resin. Temperature, humidity and air fluidity are three factors affecting the drying of water-based coatings: therefore, the upgrading of coating equipment is particularly important for the drying room, which will determine the final effect of film-forming of water-based coatings.

UV bottom + water base (closed)

Although the market of waterborne coatings is growing, the film thickness of waterborne coatings has always been a difficult problem. Insufficient paint film thickness will affect the hand feel of wood products. In addition, it can not play a good protective role, but also affect the visual effect.

Therefore, the method to solve this problem is to use UV bottom water-based surface coating equipment process. Due to the strong hardness of UV paint film, it has a strong supporting effect on waterborne topcoat, which can fully meet the hardness requirements of traditional PU coatings. Through the improvement of these technologies, the film hardness of waterborne coatings can fully meet the needs of consumers.

UV primer + waterborne topcoat is adopted, which does not increase the labor cost of waterborne coating and reduces the comprehensive cost of coating. If all water-based coatings are used for closed coating effect, the water-based coatings must be primed for many times to fill the wood eyes, resulting in a sharp increase in the cost of coating equipment and a decrease in production efficiency. Therefore, the coating equipment process of UV primer + waterborne topcoat will be another focus of the enterprise's "oil to water".

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